1. Microblading is an art form:  Choose your artist wisely.  Look at their portfolio and see their “healed” photos.
  2. Be realistic about your expectations:  Pigment under the skin will always look more muted and natural than traditional cosmetics sitting on top of your skin.  You may still wear brow makeup at times for a bolder look.
  3. Brows are sisters not twins:  We just don’t want them to be cousins.
  4. Don’t be impulsive:  Microblading is a process not to be rushed.  The Saturation Visit is focusing on shape and color.  The Refinement Visit 6-8 weeks later will focus on fine-tuning the details.
  5. Follow the aftercare rules:  You will have a few days of the pigment sloughing off.  Just deal with it.  It will pay off in the long term.  Don’t get them wet & NO heavy sweating.  The salt in your sweat will pull out the pigment.