A big thank you to 435 Magazine for recognizing our commitment to perfecting eyebrows! Eyebrows frame your eyes and make a significant impact. For those wanting a natural-looking permanent makeup solution, consider Hairstroke Nano Brows or Ombré Powder Brows.

For more information or to book your consultation appointment, click here. Permanent Makeup is an art form, so choose your artist wisely by examining their portfolio and healed photos. Be realistic about expectations, understanding that pigment under the skin looks more muted than cosmetics sitting on top. Remember, brows are sisters, not twins.

Permanent Makeup Brows is a process not to be rushed. The Saturation Visit focuses on shape and color, while the Refinement Visit fine-tunes details. Follow the aftercare rules for long-term payoff – a few days of pigment sloughing is worth it. Don’t get them wet and avoid heavy sweating, as the salt in sweat can pull out the pigment.

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