February is the month of LOVE.  It is also very bitter cold & harsh on our skin.  As I sit here waiting for our 2nd Blizzard of Oz, I’m thinking of the best way to soothe the dry winter skin… Exfoliate.


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Lavender Salt Scrub

Sea salt scrubs generally use a combination of essential oils and sea salt to exfoliate dead, dry skin and hydrate the new skin.  Sea salt scrubs can be used on the whole body except the face, where the skin is too sensitive.  Try Lavender  Salt Scrub ($6 at Trader Joe’s).

In the shower, mix the salt & oils that tend to separate.  Scoop into the palm of your hand and massage it into the skin.  Rinse off the excess salt and pat dry (don’t rub dry).  You won’t need a body lotion to moisturize.  The oils will seal in the hydration from the shower.  Your skin should feel soft and silky.

Hot Tip – Avoid areas of skin with cuts and abrasions.  The salt will cause the area to burn. And beware of the slippery shower floor!!!