Makeover Your Makeup Bag:  What to Keep Vs. Toss. Makeup doesn’t last forever.
It can spoil, discolor, and lose it’s effectiveness. Know when to throw:

  • mascara:  3-6 months (never share with others)
  • moisturizer:  3-12 months (never dip fingers into jars)
  • foundation:  6-12 months (change with seasons)
  • powder: 2 years (clean sponges and brushes often)
  • concealer:  6-8 months (don’t touch breakouts directly)
  • lipstick:  2 years (dip in alcohol to clean)
  • eye/lip pencil:  2 years (sharpen between use)
  • fragrance:  18 months – 3 years (keep out of sunlight)
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Spring Clean your Makeup Bag