I want to let you ladies in on a little secret!  You CAN have long beautiful lashes, without extensions and Latisse.  It’s called a Lash Lift (lash perm)! It is a 30 minute service that lifts your natural lashes from the base of the lid up and out and leaves it that way for 5 weeks.  I kid you not!  My eyebrow/make-up clients absolutely LOVE this service. We do it here at The Skin Spa in Kansas City.  The lash lift alone is $80 and you can add lash tint for an extra $20 to make those eyes POP!  just keeping you informed on what’s HOT for Spring!

kansas city lash lift lash perm

LASH LIFT (lash perm)



Immediate results
Short lashes appear longer
Drooping eyes appear lifted
No more pinching of lash curl device
Low maintenance
Ideal for swimmers
Great for women on the go
Perfect for vacations and holidays
Compliments bridal makeup

The Lash Lift & Lash Tint is available at Kristine Kay Skin Spa. It is a 30 minute service that lasts 5 weeks for $80 (lash lift) or $100 (lash lift & lash tint).