As the seasons change the challenge is real when trying to match foundation color to your fading tan. The easy solution is to keep two foundation colors on hand. Match one to your darkest color in the summer, and the other to your lightest color in the winter. Then gradually mix your summer & winter shades in the spring & fall to match your current color.

  • Example of transitioning foundation color in the spring:
  • Summer/Winter shades (100 s) -> (75/25 s/w) -> (50/50 s/w) -> (25/75 s/w) -> (100 w)
  • Simply do the reverse to transition colors in the fall.

Many of you know that my favorite foundation is Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. When layered over a pearl size of silicone-based primer, it creates an airbrush flawless finish. Wanting to try Luminous Silk Foundation? Sephora makes it easy with their Foundation Shade Finder tool. For personalized makeup tips book a Makeup Lesson with me at my private studio. Bring your current makeup bag and we’ll go through it together to freshen up your beauty routine.

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